May 06, 2010

ViENNAFAIR Part two - The Eastern Galleries

In this clip theartVIEw takes a look at the many eastern galleries at the VIENNAFAIR (incl. Israel). Alkatraz (SLO), Visconti fine art, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Artdepoo Tallinn (Estonia), Knoll Gallery, Vienna & Budapest (Hungary), Petra Feriancova (Slovenia), Zak i Branicka, Berlin Crakow, (D, Poland), Profile Gallery (Poland), Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Avic (Israel), Galeria Sabot (Romania), Space (Slovakia), Tulips & Roses, Vilnius (Lithunia), P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute (Sovenia), Galerija Skuc (Sovenia)

In diesem zweiten Beitrag über die VIENNAFAIR schaut sich theartVIEw die Galerien aus den Oststaaten (und Israel) an.

all artwork © by the artists and their galleries.

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