June 30, 2010

Gallery walk in the Schleifmuehlgasse, Jun. 29. 2010

Cool waves, bad breath, martial poses and a (mis)take off are the ingredients of the summer cocktail of art at the Schleifmuehlgasse:

California feeling at Christine Koenig Galerie with a big neon wave by Valentin Ruhry –
"New Port Beach". Tex Rubinowitz curated "In the drawing room III" with Andreas Karner "The Devil's bad breath".

Galerie Kerstin Engholm presents various female artists: Anna Artaker/Lilla Khoór, Renate Bertlmann, Marita Fraser, Eva Grubinger, Kathi Hofer, Birgit Jürgenssen, Tatiana Lecomte, Ulrike Lienbacher, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Lisa Ruyter, Patricia Reinhart, Eva Schlegel, Maja Vukoje, Astrid Wagner.

Galerie Georg Kargl shows new paintings and drawings by Muntean / Rosenblum - and the remains of a performance held on the opening night.

Alexander Viscio takes on and off with the ultimate heavy easy chair - "Hang Gliding with a LazyBoy" at Galerie Michaela Stock.

Neonwellen aus Kalifornien, bleierner Mundgeruch, martialische Schutztruppen und ein fauler Fernsehsessel, der völlig abhebt, sind die Zutaten zu einem gelungenen Sommer-Kunst-Cocktail aus in der Schleifmühlgasse.

Christine Koenig Galerie: Valentin Ruhry - "New Port Beach". "Im Zeichenraum III" mit Andreas Karner "Der Mundgeruch des Teufels" kuratiert von Tex Rubinowitz.

Galerie Kerstin Engholm zeigt Künstlerinnen: Anna Artaker/Lilla Khoór, Renate Bertlmann, Marita Fraser, Eva Grubinger, Kathi Hofer, Birgit Jürgenssen, Tatiana Lecomte, Ulrike Lienbacher, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Lisa Ruyter, Patricia Reinhart, Eva Schlegel, Maja Vukoje, Astrid Wagner.

Galerie Georg Kargl präsentiert neue Malerei und Zeichnungen von Muntean/Rosenblum - und die Überbleibsel einer Performance am Eröffnungsabend.

Alexander Viscio bringt einen fetten Fernsehsessel zum Abheben - "Hang Gliding with a LazyBoy" bei Galerie Michaela Stock.

all artworks © by the artists and their galleries.

June 28, 2010

Brigitte Kowanz "Now I see" at MUMOK, Vienna

In MUMOK's big hall Brigitte Kowanz´s light objects are mirrored into infinity. Upstairs shiny splahes, neon writings on the wall and coded light messages emit a cool technoide charm. Until Oct. 3.,2010

Die Lichtobjekte von Brigitte Kowanz spiegeln sich in der großen Halle des MUMOK, das sich, zum Spiegelsaal umgebaut, zu einem unendlichen Raum ausdehnt. Coolen technoiden Charm verströmen die Installationen aus Neonschrift und codierten Leuchtbotschaften. Bis 03.10.2010

all artworks © by brigitte kowanz and mumok

Mladen Miljanovic "Museum Service" at MUMOK

Opening reception of Mladen Miljanovic "Museum Service" at the MUMOK Wien. The winner of the Henkel Art.Award.2009 turns a Zastava 101, the legendary jugoslawian car, in to works of art. Till Sept. 12. 2010.

Mladen Miljanovic, der Henkel Art.Award. 2009 Preisträger zerlegt den legendären Zastava 101 im MUMOK in Kunst... Bis 12.09.2010.

all artworks © by mladen miljanovic and mumok

June 25, 2010

STREET AND STUDIO at Kunsthalle Wien

Opening Night of "STREET AND STUDIO from Basquiat to Séripop" at the Kunsthalle Wien. "I wanted to paint the town red, paint the town black" Jean-Michel Basquiat. A tale of the 80s, when artists expanded their work space from the studios into the whole city. And then some till today... Heavy catalog with collectors edition by the artists, street art walk in Vienna and other events. Until Oct. 10. 2010

Vernissage der großen Sommerausstellung "STREET AND STUDIO, von Basquiat to Séripop" in der Kunsthalle Wien. "Wie in den 80gern die Kunst die Studios und den goldenen Käfig des Kunstbetriebs verließ und die Städte eroberte..." Dicker Katalog und Begleitprogramm. Bis 10 Oktober.

artworks © by Rita Ackermann, Charlie Ahearn, Banksy, The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat/VBK, Wien, Brad Downey, Ingo Giezendanner, Shaun Gladwell; Foto/photo: Gotaro Uematsu, Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY/ VBK, Wien, Basim Magdy, Ari Marcopoulos, miz JUSTICE, Robin Rhode / photography and vodcast © theartVIEw

More about "Street and Studio":
Evan Roth about his Graffiti Analysis: Sculptures

University of Applied Arts - "The Essence 10"

theartVIEw has a look at "The Essence 10" the annual exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, this year at the Kuenstlerhaus. Open until July 18.

Diplomausstellung der "Angewandten" heuer im Künstlerhaus bis 18. Juli.

all artworks © by the artists and the university of applied arts vienna


Brad Downey gives a brand new summer look to the STREET ART PASSAGE VIENNA (MQ areal).

all art © by Brad Downey

June 23, 2010

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna "Thesis Exhibition 09I10"

theartVIEw explores new talents at the "Thesis Exhibition 09I10" of the Academy of fine arts in Vienna. Only until Jun. 24. 2010!

Die Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Wien zeigt die Abschlussarbeiten 09|10. Nur bis zum 24. Juni 2010!

all art © by the artists and the academy of fine arts vienna

TONSPUR_2010 – Burkhard Stangl plays at MQ

TONSPUR_2010 presented new experimental and electronic music with Burkhard Stangl, Christian Fennesz und Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – and sadly only a few enthusiasts held out on this cold and windy Sunday summer evening at the Museumsquatier in Vienna. Deserves to be repeated on a better day!

TONSPUR_2010 präsentierte neue experimentelle und elektronische Musik mit Burkhard Stangl, Christian Fennesz und Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson im Muqua Wien.

all sound © by the artist

June 21, 2010

Grundsteingasse Festival "Jetzt wirds ernst"

theartVIEw visits the grundsteingasse festival where art is presented in several locations and various forms: music, film, installations, painting, fotography, performance. From Jun 12. - 26. 2010.

Ragnarhof: lost in vienna Philipp Blume, BUSK, Casaluce/Geiger, Michael Goldgruber, Luiza Margan, Sissa Micheli und Frederike Schweizer.

grundstein: Verena Bayer "verstreute augen, andere gedichte"

gallery hrobsky showroom: Stefan Pani "benchmark II" , Daniel Ferstl "7/10"

masc foundation: installatons by Claudia Plank/Hans Werner Poschauko,and Nicolás Behr

Beim Grundsteingasse Festival zeigen diverse Off Spaces Kunst in verschiedensten Formen. Musik, Film, Fotografie, Malerei, Installationen, Performance... Noch bis zum 26. Juni 2010.

all art © by the artists and their galleries

June 14, 2010

Heinrich Kuehn – "Perfect Photography" at ALBERTINA, Vienna

ALBERTINA shows a highly profound retrospective of Heinrich Kuehn's photographic work.
Heinrich Kuehn was one of the early photographers, who (around 1900) tried to establish photography as an art form. And like the painters of his time he was more interested to express emotions and feelings in his pictures rather than recording a sharp and detailed reality. He was friends with and influenced by the famous American photographers Alfred Stieglitz, Frank Eugene and Edward Steichen and painters like Max Liebermann.
Kuehn was very much interested in the technical aspects of photography and not only invented a new camera but brought gum and pigment printing to an unknown perfection. He also experimented with color photography and left beautiful autochromes of his family and still lifes, which look almost like impressionistic paintings.

Until Aug. 29. 2010, the exhibition will than travel to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris and to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston/Texas. The catalogue is published in three versions – English, German and French.

Die ALBERTINA zeigt eine große Retrospektive von Heinrich Kühn, einer der ersten Fotopioniere, der die Fotografie als Kunstform etablieren half. Parallel zu den Intensionen in der Malerei interessierten ihn Stimmungen und der Ausdruck von Gefühlen mehr als die Abbildung von Realität. Besonders seine frühen Farbfotographien erinnern daher an impressionistische Gemälde.
Die Galerie Georg Kargl Box zeigt parallel dazu Fotos von Heinrich Kühn, die auch zu kaufen sind.

© by heinrich kuehn estate

June 13, 2010

Tipp: Ke Nako Afrika - Livemusik aus Afrika zur WM2010

Ke Nako Afrika präsentiert in verschiedenen Österreichischen Städten vor den Spielen Musiker aus Afrika! Programm unter

June 11, 2010

theartVIEw – Gallerywalk Jun. 10., 2010 in Vienna

the artVIEw is walking the galleries on a tropical evening in Vienna and colorful expressive paintings and playful and humerous sculptures makes it a perfect summer experienc, sprinkled with cool photography. Go, see for yourself!

Tropenfeeling beim Galerienrundgang in Wien – passend dazu die grellbunten, expressiven Gemälde, verspielte Skulpturen und coole Fotografien.

Maria Bussman - accension at Gallery Hilger
Sebastin Weissenbacher - Meaning of life at hilger contemporary
Otto Muehl at Gallery Krinzinger
Guillaume Bruère - saw cuts at Galerie Heike Curtze
Petar Mirkovic at lukasfeichtner gallery
Ville Lenkkeri at MOMENTUM Gallery
Jan Merta and Donelle Woolford at Gallery Martin Janda
Esther Stocker at Gallery Krobath
Martina Steckholzer and Frank Stella at Gallery Meyer Kainer
Dejan Kaludjerovic at Gallery Steinek

all artworks © by the artists and their galleries

June 04, 2010

Generali Foundation – Behind the Fourth Wall

theartVIEw takes a look at the exhibition "Behind the Fourth Wall – Fictitious Lives / Lived Fictions". The Generali Foundation shows videos, installations and performances around the questions of how real is reality, fiction, delusion and simulations of the real in a "made" world, where the difference between beeing and appearance have long been abolished. Until Aug 15, 2010.

Harun Farocki, Omar Fast, Michael Fliri, Andrea Geyer, Marcello Maloberti, Aeronaut Mik, Fredéric Moser & Philippe Schwinger, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Judy Radul, Allan Sekula, Ian Wallace.

Die Ausstellung "Hinter der Vierten Wand. Fiktive Leben / Gelebte Fiktionen" in der Generali Foundation setzt sich mit der Frage "Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit?" auseinander – mit Fiktionen, Trugbildern und Simulationen des Realen in einer zunehmend "gemachten Welt".

© all artworks @ by the artist and generali foundation. all photographs and video stills by or courtesy of generali foundation collection, vienna; arratia; beer, berlin; gb agency, paris; postmasters, new york; wilfried lentz, rotterdam; morris and helen belkin art gallery and catriona jeffries gallery, vancouver; collection of the vancouver art gallery, promised gift of rick erickson; theartVIEw.
This time due to copyright issues the stills are by theartVIEw and from press material by generali foundation.