October 22, 2010

"Hyper Real" at MUMOK

theartVIEw among the huge canvasses of Hyperrealism at the MUMOK. Chuck Close's Richard Serra looks down on you while you can inspect every wrinkle and pimple in his face. Shiny surfaces of works by Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, Don Eddy or photos by William Eggleston or Lee Friedlander are reflecting the all american way of life of the late 60s. What once was shockingly real has now put on an extra layer of nostalgia. The show is extended by works of pop artists like Warhol, Wesselman and Lichtenstein and links to the presence with photographic works by Gursky, Wall, Ruff, Struth and Demand.

Die Schau im MUMOK "Hyper Real" zeigt amerikanischen Fotorealismus vom Ende der 60ger aus den Beständen der Sammlungen Ludwig in Aachen, Wien und Budapest. Erweitert wird die Ausstellung mit Pop Art und Arbeiten von Wall bis Koons und Gursky bis Demand.

all art works © by the artists and mumok

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