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The eSeL Collection at ESSL MUSEUM
May 06, 2016
As the last exhibiton in the ESSL MUSEUM befor closing at July 1st, 2016 The Esel Collection, a project designed by the Viennese art networker, knowledge producer and artist Lorenz Seidler aka eSeL, documents and reflects on the world of art on the basis of eSeL’s comprehensive archives. May 5th until June 30th, 2016.

Gunter Damisch at ESSL MUSEUM
May 05, 2016
In memory of the Austrian artist GUNTER DAMISCH (1958-2016) the ESSL MUSEUM has put together several works from the ESSL Collection.

Body & Soul at ESSL MUSEUM
April 06, 2016
Body & Soul at the ESSL MUSEUM is devoted to the human body in all its facets. The exhibition places the topic in a wider social context and traces its evolution up to the present. 06.04.2016 - 30.06.2016.

Rendevouz at ESSL MUSEUM
February 19, 2016
Rendevouz - Masterpieces from the Essl Collection features a rendezvous between central works and artists from the collection. Austrian and international artists meet, sometimes in surprising constellations. Feb 19th, 2016 to Jan 1st, 2017.


ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2015 - Diversity of Voices at ESSL MUSEUM
December 07, 2015
With the ESSL ART AWARD CEE the ESSL MUSEUM provides a view of the young art scene in central and eastern Europe, showing young artists who are not yet established in the markets and put their output up for public debate. Dec 4th, 2015 - March 6th, 2016.

Faszination Fotografie im ESSL MUSEUM
November 13, 2015
In the exhibition Fascination Photography at ESSL MUSEUM the works represent a broad range of themes also a visual and sensual experience. Nov 13th, 2015 - Jan 31st, 2016.

German Art since 1960 at ESSL MUSEUM
June 24, 2015
The ESSL MUSEUM shows German art after 1960. Some eighty paintings and sculptures by 21 artists from the Essl collection provide a remarkable impression of the artistic life in Germany since the 60th. Wed, 24.06.2015 - Sun, 15.11.2015.


Weltenbummler at ESSL MUSEUM
November 13, 2014
Weltenbummler at the ESSL MUSEUM is a tour of discovery for all adventurers in art. Which artwork in the Essl Collection might remind a sea captain, a globetrotter, a researcher or a firewoman of their greatest adventures? The art education team of the ESSL MUSEUM helped four classes of students to answer these questions and put together this show. Nov 09th, 2014 – March 01st, 2015.

Die Andere Sicht - the other view at ESSL MUSEUM
September 27, 2013
In the exhibition „die andere sicht - the other view“ at ESSL MUSEUM Agnes Essl presents works by 27 Austrian artists, putting the focus on the relationship between the woman as a collector and the female artist. March 19th to Sep 21st, 2014.

Adolf Frohner at ESSL MUSEUM
September 05, 2014
At the occasion of Adolf Frohner’s 80th birthday the ESSL MUSEUM presents the retrospective „adolf frohner (1934 - 2007) five decades of painting, graphics, object“. Sep 7th, 2014 – April 6th,2015.

Die Andere Sicht - the other view at ESSL MUSEUM
September 27, 2013
In the exhibition „die andere sicht - the other view“ at ESSL MUSEUM Agnes Essl presents works by 27 Austrian artists, putting the focus on the relationship between the woman as a collector and the female artist. March 19th to Sep 21st, 2014.

Made in Austria at ESSL MUSEUM
September 16, 2013
Celebrating the15th anniversary of the ESSL MUSEUM Karlheinz Essl, who is curating the exhibition >made in austria – statement by karlheinz essl < himself, is putting his personal heavyweights of recent Austrian art history in relation to one another. Thu, 27.02.2014 - Sun, 24.08.2014.

Deborah Sengl at ESSL MUSEUM
April 17, 2013
For her first museum presentation at the ESSL MUSEUM austrian artist Deborah Sengl has created an installation that combines history, literature and contemporary art in an extraordinary way. With some 200 stuffed white rats, she is staging The Last Days of Mankind after Karl Kraus in 44 individual scenes. 31.01.–25.05.2014.


December 09, 2013
„TRANSCENDING CULTURES“ at the ESSL MUSEUM presents a current insight into the young art scene of central and southeast Europe. On show are works by twenty artists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slowakia, Slowenia und der Turkey.

October 24, 2013
With "LIKE IT" the ESSL MUSEUM is presenting the first exhibition created and curated by members of a social network...

"Sehnsucht ich" (Longing for myself) at ESSL MUSEUM
September 27, 2013
The exhibition >Sehnsucht Ich< (Longing for Myself) at ESSL MUSEUM deals with the diverse artistic strategies of grasping or calling into question human existence and the self. Paintings by Austrians and international artists from the ESSL COLLECTION are complemented by selected sculptural works. Curator: Günther Oberhollenzer. Sep 27, 2013 - Jan 12, 2014.

September 16, 2013
The KURT KOCHERSCHEIDT solo exhibition at ESSL MUSEUM is showing representative works from all his important groups of work. Curator: Veit Loers. Sep 4th - Nov 11th, 2013.

April 17, 2013
The exhibition in the ESSL Schömer-Haus "HEAVEN IN THE GARDEN. Nature – Landscapes" with current painting from the Essl Collection focuses on the different approaches of artist to depict the natural world. April 17, 2013 – Spring 2014.

May 08, 2013
The German curator, museum director, collector and gallerist René Block curated the exhibition at ESSL MUSEUM "A LITTLE MIGHT MUSIC – REPORT FROM THE DEPOT" with works from the Essl Collection and focussing on artistic trends of 1960s Austria. 08 May – 18 Aug. 2013

Georg Baselitz at ESSL MUSEUM
January 21, 2013
At the occasion of Georg Baselitz' 75th birthday Karlheinz Essl has curated a show of 44 works from the artist owned by the ESSL COLLECTION.18.01.2013 – 20.05.2013.


Xenia Hauser at ESSL Museum
October 24, 2012
The XENIA HAUSNER “Surviving” exhibition at the Essl Museum shows recent large-format figurative paintings and new works that have been specifically produced for the exhibition. Curator: Günther Oberhollenzer. Oct 24, 2012 – Jan 20, 2013.

October 03, 2012
The exhibition “Der Gemalte Raum” [Painted Space] in the ESSL Schömer House connects works from the Essl Collection with very different artistic positions of the last 40 years that share a concern with spatial structures and architecture. Günther Förg, Esther Stocker or Markus Prachensky. Curators: Prof. Agnes Essl, Andreas Hoffer, Günther Oberhollenzer, Sep 28, 2012 – Summer 2013.

theartVIEw - Alex Katz at ESSL Museum
September 21, 2012
On the occasion of Alex Katz' 85th birthday the ESSL Museum shows his paintings owned by the Essl Collection: More than 30 paintings, draft drawings, preparatory oil sketches and “cartoons” with all of the artist’s major themes – society, friends and family, landscape covering a period of some 35 years. 15 September, 2012 – 06 January, 2013.

ESSL MUSEUM shows paintings from the collection
August 07, 2012
The Essl Museum shows works from the own collection, this time with emphasis on painting. Each of the artists in the exhibition has a room dedicated to her/his: Sarah Morris, Josef Mikl, Jonathan Meese, Maria Lassnig, Hermann Nitsch, Sam Francis, Arnulf Rainer and Herbert Brandl. Jun 20 – Sep 2, 2012.

theartVIEw - FRANZ ZADRAZIL at Essl Museum
July 23, 2012
The Essl Museum shows more than 60 works and additional BW photographies in the big "Franz Zadrazil - Vienna Paris New York" retrospective. May 30th - Oct 28th, 2012.

Cecily Brown at Essl Museum
June 20, 2012
In the main hall of the Essl museum Cecily Brown shows her paintings. At the press conference she talked about her work. June 20 – Oct. 07, 2012.

Anselm Kiefer at Essl Museum >>
February 03, 2012
The Essl Museum shows all 15 works by Anselm Kiefer owned by the Essl Collection, among them four new main works from the artist’s latest creative period.


ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2011 at Essl Museum >>
December 07, 2011
The Essl Museum shows the winners of the Essl Art Awards CEE 2011. 18 young artists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Till Feb 12, 20112.

Rosa Loy & Neo Rauch at Essl Museum >>
September 02, 2011
Rosa Loy and Neo Rauch are having their first big show together in a museum titled "Behind the Gardens" at Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg. Until Nov 16,2011

Tobias Rehberger at Essl Museum >>
July 14, 2011
Tobias Rehberger presents his show "Young mothers and other delicate questions" at Essl Museum: Several completely new pieces from the series "Handycapped Sculptures" and five new pieces for the "Mütter" series, two site-specific pieces and more. Until Sep 25, 2011

"Focus: Abstraction", "Heimo Zobernig" & "Wolfgang Herzig" at Essl Museum >>
June 09, 2011
theartVIEw in the midst of a heavy thunderstorm at Essl Museum - Focus: Abstraction shows works from the collection by Hans Bischoffshausen, Gunter Damisch, Hartwig Ebersbach, Bernard Frize, Roland Göschl, Franz Grabmayr, Peter Krawagna, Tobias Lehner, Josef Mikl, Hannes Mlenek, Sarah Morris, Florentina Pakosta, Hubert Scheibl, Frank Stella. Heimo Zobernig reflects about displaying art in a museum and the Essl collection honors Wolfgang Herzig with a big show to his 70th birthday.

"Festival Of Animals" at Essl Museum >>
March 06, 2011
"Festival of animals" is a show for children of all ages at Essl Museum, where 'animals in art' is the theme and Paul McCarthy's sleeping pig the star. Great fun! Till Aug. 21, 2011.


INDIA AWAKENS Under the Banyan Tree at Essl Museum >>
November 25, 2010
The exhibition INDIA AWAKENS Under the Banyan Tree at Essl Museum curated by Alka Pande presents current positions by 34 young and emerging indian artists:

PRIVATE WURM at Essl Museum >>
October 19, 2010
theartVIEw previewing "PRIVATE WURM" at the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg. Centrepiece of this show by Erwin Wurm is "The Narrow House" - a detailed replica of the house where Wurm grew up in but shrinked to only one seventh of it's original width.

Essl Museum - Albert Oehlen hängt "Schönes Klosterneuburg" >>
September 10, 2010
theartVIEw has a look, what Albert Oehlen choose from the Essl Collection to hang on the walls of the museum: Otto Zitko, Christian Ludwig Attersee, Franz Ringel, Markus Lüpertz, Arnulf Rainer, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Baselitz, Martha Jungwirth, Julian Schnabel, Sigmar Polke, Hans Hollega, Anish Kapoor and more...

Niki de Saint Phalle's "Garden of Phantasy" & Sigmar Polke at Essl Museum >>
July 19, 2010
Niki de Saint Phalle invites into her "Garden of Phantasy" and the Essl Collection shows it's Sigmar Polke paintings. Till Sept. 26, 2010

Travelling companions - the Beginning of the Essl Collection >>
April 22, 2010
The show at the Schoemerhaus gives a good insight in what kind of art attracted Agnes and Karl Heinz Essl, when they started to collect. Nice, figurative works, mostly by local heros with whom they became friends and continued to collect over years.

Max Weiler – Die Natur der Malerei >>
March 19, 2010
To celebrate the 100. birthday of Max Weiler (Aug. 27, 1910) the Essl Museum shows works of him during the 60th (when he was at his best), curated by Edelbert Koeb.

CORSO - Insights into the Essl Collection >>
February 02, 2010
CORSO - Essl Museum shows Highlights from the Essl Collection. The dialogues involve paintings by Maria Lassnig and Georg Baselitz, Markus Prachensky and Pierre Soulages or Morris Louis, Sam Francis and Hans Bischoffshausen. One focus is on “Viennese Actionism”. Also on display are works by Anzinger, Oehlen, Penck... The show is rounded off by examples of sculpture and objects by Markus Lüpertz, Jonathan Meese, Antoni Tàpies and Johannis Avramidis.

Fat Ducks and Full House: Hubert Scheibl at Essl Museum >>
January 29, 2010
Grand Opening and a packed hall for Hubert Scheibl at the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg.


Essl Art Award CEE 09 >>
December 05, 2009
Essl Art Award CEE 09 Dec 4 2009 - Jan 17 2010 at the Essl Museum Klosterneuburg,

Daniel Richter at the Essl Museum >>
December 04, 2009
Daniel Richter exhibiton at the Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Oct 23, 2009 - Jan 10 2010

From the archive 2009: Chalo! India. at Essl Museum >>
November 23, 2009
Chalo! India. at Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Sep 02 – Nov 01 2009

November 19, 2009
Looking around at the Essl Museum's 10th anniversary exhibition "ASPECTS OF COLLECTING"

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