December 03, 2010

Late November gallery walk: Hilger, Krinzinger Projekte, Lisa Ruyter & MAGAZINvienna

theartVIEw visits four galleries: hilger contemporary shows paintings and sculptures by Gunter Damisch "the inbetweens", at krinzinger projects presents photographies "Cover" by Ali Taptik, Lisa Ruyter's new show with various artists at Beethovenplatz is called "Pull my Daisy" and at MAGAZINvienna Martin Bilinovac shows photos from "Im Innern der Stadt" (from the inside of the city).

Bei hilger contemporary zeigt Gunter Damisch Bilder und Skulpturen "the inbetweens", Krinzinger Projekte stellt Fotografien "Cover" von Ali Taptik vor, Lisa Ruyter präsentiert verschiedene Künstler unter dem Titel "Pull my Daisy" und im MAGAZINvienna zeigt Martin Bilinovac Fotos "Im Innern der Stadt".

all art works © by the artists and their galleries

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