May 27, 2010

Keith Haring 1978-1982 "The early experimental years"

"The public has a right to art. Art is for everybody" - Keith Haring

The Keith Haring show at the Kunsthalle Wien gives a revealing insight in Haring's widely unknown early years and from what origins he developed the vocabulary for his iconic and trademark like style that made him one of the most popular artist in the world, even more then 20 years after his death in 1990.

When he studdied at the School of Visual Art NYC he first experimented with fotocopies, performance and video and was one of the leading figures in the glittering clubbing scene of the 80s and a political and gay rights activist. But he also produced hundreds of small, mostly abstract line drawings and filled douzens of dairies with theoratical and philosophical thoughts about art. To explore what channels he could use as an artist except galleries he turned to street art and subway drawings.

The show was curated by Raphaela Platow, director Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnatti, OH and put together with the help of The Keith Haring Foundation. In 2011 the show will be seen at the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnatti.

Die Ausstellung in der Kunsthalle Wien zeigt die eher unbekannten "frühen Jahre" von Keith Haring. Wie er zunächst mit Fotokopien, Flyern, Performances und Video experimentiert und aus kleinen abstrakten Zeichnungen und in theoretischen, philosophischen Tagebüchern seine Arbeit reflektiert und seinen Stil entwickelt. Um sich als Künstler von den Galerien zu emanzipieren wendet er sich der Street Art zu und überall in New Yorks Stadtbild tauchen die ersten seiner Zeichnungen und Figuren auf.

Die Ausstellung entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnatti, OH und der Keith Haring Foundation.

all art © by keith haring foundation

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