November 28, 2012

Vienna Gallery Weekend in District 1 + 2

VIENNA GALLERY WEEKEND tour starts in the 2nd district in the Projektraum Victor Bucher, where Marlene Hausegger shows photos under the titel Détournements as part of EYES ON - Month of Photography.
Across the Donaukanal in the heart of the city at Galerie Nächst St Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder presents JOËLLE TUERLINCKX' Amicale Succursale "PROLONGATION" AROUND 'WOR((L)D)(K) IN PROGRESS?' in cooperation with Agata Jastrza Bek and with Orla Barry, Guillaume Bijl, Robert Devrient, Laurent Dupont, Christoph Fink, Gabriel Kuri, Willem Oorebeek, Emanuelle Quertain, Helmut Federle and Ria Pacquée.
Also part of Eyes One is Andrea Freiberger's "Leben eben" photographies at Galerie Hrobsky.
The show at Galerie Artmark is called "Raum, Räumlichkeit" and features János Megyik, Dóra Maurer and Tibor Gáyor.
Benjamin Hirte is guest with "A to K" at Emanuel Layr.
Mario Mauroner Contemporary presents works by Tatsuo Miyajima, Bruno Peinado, Javier Pérez, Bernhard Roig, Fernando Sánchez Castillo und im Room Number One Jochen Höller.
Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman shows two artists: Norbert Schwontkowski with "The Balance of the Unknown Stucture" and Carmen Brucic with "Gnadenwald".
All about drawing is Guillaume Bruére's "Am Zeichnen Sterben" at Heike Curtze.
Two more EYES ON photographical shows: Stephan Reusse at Lukas Feichtner and Christian Eisenberger: Fotoarbeiten / Otto Muehl: Arbeiten aus den letzten zehn Jahren at Peter Konzett.
While the city is still buzzing with xmas shoppers theartVIEw closes this round at Hilger Modern Contemorary and ASGAR/GABRIEL: we are hungry, in fact very hungry.

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