April 11, 2016

Green light workshop at TBA21–Augarten

The Green light project at TBA21–Augarten consists of an artistic workshop and a learning platform surrounding the making of lamp modules designed by Eliasson. The lamps are assembled on-site by young refugees, migrants, and university students. Everybody is invited to take part in this process of collaborative artistic practice and learning, giving rise to a space of exchange and encounter for contributors from a range of linguistic, social, geographic, and educational backgrounds.

Olafur Eliasson says: “It is my hope that Green light will shine light on some of the challenges and responsibilities arising from the current refugee crisis in Europe and throughout the world. Green light is an act of welcoming, addressed both to those who have fled hardship and instability in their home countries and to the residents of Vienna. It invites them to take part in the construction of something of value through a playful, creative process. Working together in an artistic context, in dialogue with the regular visitors of the Augarten, participants build both a modular light and a communal environment, in which difference is not only accepted but embraced. Green light attempts to question the values of similarity and otherness in our society and to help shape our feelings of identity and togetherness.”

The Green light lamps are made predominantly from recycled and sustainable materials and designed to be stackable, the modules can function either as single objects or be assembled into a variety of architectural con gurations. Within the framework of the Green light – Shared Learning program, artists, thinkers, students, refugees, migrants, and collaborating organizations are invited to host and to be part of a series of workshops, seminars, performances, screenings, lectures, and artistic interventions responding to socio- and geopolitical, cultural, and personal issues and narratives of migration and arrival through collaborative creative activities and critical discourse.

All proceeds from the project go to supporting the educational platform of Green light–Shared Learning and the organizations such as Red Cross Vienna, Caritas and Georg Danzer Haus. You can order a Green light with a donation of €300 or participate in the artistic workshop at TBA21–Augarten, Vienna and benefit from a production price of € 250.

Young refugee Hussein from Syria tells his story and his experience with the Green light workshop (in german!).

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