April 27, 2015


"TRACEY EMIN | EGON SCHIELE Where I Want to Go" at LEOPOLD MUSEUM features more than 80 works by the British artist Tracey Emin (born in 1963). She will not only present her own works but will also incorporate a personal selection of drawings by Egon Schiele into the exhibition. The juxtaposition of Tracey Emin’s works with those of Egon Schiele exposes similarities in the artistic aspirations of both artists and allows for a new visual experience. April 24th to Sep 14th, 2015.

"TRACEY EMIN | EGON SCHIELE Where I Want to Go" im LEOPOLD MUSEUM präsentiert eine umfassende Ausstellung mit mehr als 80 Werken der britischen Künstlerin Tracey Emin (geb. 1963). Tracey Emin bindet in die Ausstellung neben eigenen Arbeiten auch persönlich ausgewählte Zeichnungen von Egon Schiele einbindet. 24.04. - 14.09.2015.

Curator Diethard Leopold and Tracey Emin talking about the show TRACEY EMIN | EGON SCHIELE Where I Want to Go at Leopold Museum.In English.

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